The Jeffrey Watson Land Trust is 5,000 acres of privately owned, family operated land in Southeastern Ohio available for lease for hunting and recreation. Available parcels range in size from 40 to 900 acres. Hunters regularly bag magnificent deer and turkey, as well as other legal game, on these parcels.

Contact us to lease a parcel today! We have properties available in Gallia, Jackson, Meigs and Vinton counties.

All of the listed parcels are also for sale. Please contact us for prices and additional information.

180 Acre’s In Jackson County

This property is located near Oakhill Ohio it has Large Timber and some grown up area’s that were timbered 5 year’s ago. Blackfork creek run’s across the north side of this property. There are lot’s of deer and turkey on this property.

This property has been leased through February 1st 2015.CaptureCapturegallia027




93 Acre’s Gallia county

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This property has good wood’s Lot’s of game. Trophy deer have been taken here recently. Camping is permitted on this lease.

The Wayne National Forest surround’s most of this property.

This property has been leased through February 3rd 2015.